Writing Camp Results

Well, it just goes to show you, when you put a great mind (mine) with a good mind (Moms) together in a summer writing camp, things get done! Mom’s new book is complete and on Amazon.com in the Kindle store.

We are getting ready to pick up where we left off on my new book, Siri’s Summer and work on it over the  weekend. While sniffing around Mom’s desk for treats I noticed her calendar and boy is it full of writing projects. She even has another section of writing camp starting in the fall. I’m going to sleep that one out – she is on her own.

I graduate from obedience school on Tuesday night. I sure hope Mom doesn’t make me wear one of those cap and gown thingies. I doubt that she will mainly because she knows I would chew the tassel off right away. I’ll have to admit, she has been  a little less forth coming in the clothes department lately. I outgrew of all the original goodies she bought me –  in record time. I had fun with them and I got to send them to my younger cousin Polar in Lakeland, FL so he can wear them for awhile.

Today is the launch of Mom’s book on Amazon and she is checking stats each hour. Every hour the “happy dance” gets a little bit happier. I’m glad it is going well for her, she worked really hard to finish the book by her August 1 deadline. She is not as excited as I thought she would be. I don’t think she feels very well right now.

Hummmm – that makes me wonder when our deadline for Siri’s Summer is. What? Oh it’s August 25th. “Are you crazy – you expect me to work hard so I can finish it by then? Just because you made your deadline does not mean I have to make mine.” Wow, she can be one crazy woman sometimes. One would think that dog breeders would screen their forever parents better.

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