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Dog Bee Stings – How To Treat

siri-daisy-bee-59353319Woozers, do I have a whole new respect for those funny looking bugs flying around with wings extended and a determined look on their face. I only have one question, what did I ever do to make a bee mad at me?

Okay, so I may have trampled a few during my run around the yard each day, but it wasn’t intentional. Do you have any idea how hard it is to run at warp speed while looking at the grown?

Well let me tell you, this bee sting really hurt and it STILL hurts. It could have been worse, he could have stung me on my nose.   I did get my hair done today and Amanda, my groomer could not find the stinger.

Mom and Dad looked but could not find it, so hopefully my paw will stop hurting soon. Just as soon as we find a way of reviving Mom and getting her off the floor (she is such a wimp), I’m sure I am in for a veterinarian visit.

So of course I had to do some research on the subject. Well actually, Aunt Judy did this research for me (Mom’s sitting up now, so I think she is coming around.) Thank you Aunt Judy.

So, remember to hit the print button and put this post in your doggie first aid file. You do have one of those – right? Mom keeps ours in the top drawer of her master filing cabinet, right in the front, before the ABC’s start, because the information is so important. Even the hanging file folder is even red.

Stings from wasps, bees, yellow jackets and ant bites will all cause redness and painful swelling at the site. They will usually only sting on exposed non-fur areas. Gee, they must (wait for it) bee lazy little critters. Seriously, being stung can be a serious situation and I shouldn’t be (oh man, that was so hard not to do) making light of it. This is really interesting, the swelling can also occur in the face and neck area, even though the dog was not stung in those areas.

If your dog is stung many times (I can’t even imagine how that must feel) the absorbed toxins could cause anaphylactic (phew, that is a big word for such a little tyke) shock, especially if the dog has been stung in the past. Continue reading

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