How dog safe is your home office?

NPW-week-logoIt’s National Entrepreneurship Week, or in my world, National Pawpreneurship Week. How dog safe is your home office? So this today’s post and tomorrows post is going to focus on keeping your home office safe for your fur-children to be in.

I have to say, I have loved my two years in of being a working doggie and best of all – my office. Yes, of course, it started out as Mom’s office, then it became my condo/crate bedroom (for five months) and now it is officially my office and play room. Nothing like moving in and taking over.

Taking over this space didn’t come without some major Titan-inflicted destruction and consequences. If I could find it, it was mine. The first few days went well enough, I was truly too little and scared to find or mess with anything. Mom and dad spent those days crawling around (now there is a word picture for you) looking for everything they could find to put up or at least hide with silk planters, too large for me to navigate. Score one for the home team – Mom and Dad. Trust me, it would be a short lived victory.

imagesOkay, so the really interesting things were out of reach – for now. It was time to move on to the things they didn’t think about. Let me think for a moment…oh right, my first major project was Mom’s Andy Warhol shoe rug. It had this really great black braiding along the edges. Just perfect for sinking my baby paws and teeth into. The fact that it was black definitely played to my advantage, my toothy work did not show up right away. But like all things puppy, that got boring. It was time to move on to bigger and better things.

There were quite a few areas of the office that the geniuses at work didn’t think about – the bottom shelves. They were everywhere, under the desk, the printer stand, aka as the secret paper section, a rolling file cabinet and of course, all those bookcases. Mom has so many books and notebooks that she set up what she calls a library. She has two rows of bookcases that span almost the entire length of the office. one end is open and the other end has a small desk, with tons of stuff underneath it. Oh yea, this area is going to take weeks to navigate and totally trash – puppy style. Might as well get started.

Hm, seems the bottom shelves are the tallest, so they have the largest books on them. This one looks interesting, the paper cover says something about fragrance. Good as place as any to start. Goodby paper cover. Well, would you look at that, the part I can see came off in one single strip. Who knew it would be so easy? Now that I have moved it out of it’s space a bit, I think I will lay here and chew on the bottom corner of it for awhile. Kind of like an all day milk bone. Oh yuk! What is that awful taste? So much for chewing on this again anytime soon. Besides, it’s my nap time. Time to look innocent and curl up in my bed under the desk.

Oh look, there is that planter will all those wonderful silk leaves. Maybe sucking on a couple of them will lull me to sleep. Sneeze-hack-cough-sneeze, what is going on here. These leaves are full of dust. I could paw my name in them. Does this woman called Mom not know how to dust? Apparently not. Note to self – forget the silk leaves. I hope she isn’t any more attentive about checking out the floor in the library, I left a huge tell-tail paper mess there.

Mom and dad are about to learn that puppies are very smart and inventive.  We will explore our home from top to bottom and notice anything new – so keeping a home puppy/dog-proofed is going to be an ongoing process.

Yea, it’s Friday night and that means some serious TV watching for Mom and Dad and laying in Mom’s arms for me. Then comes Saturday and Sunday, which means lots of play time outside. Phew…that means I’m most likely good until Monday before starting office destruction again.

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