Happy Fourth Of July

Poodle Dog RunningHappy Fourth of July!

For us doggies, the Fourth Of July is simply a “yes, I did eat that burger that fell off the grill and now I am heading for Mom and Dad’s bed, where I will feel safe after burrowing in underneath the covers – because the sky is exploding kind of day.”

All in all we had a fun day around here. Mom cooked (now there is a really scary event) and Dad barbecued. Mom made Grandmother Nina’s southern potato salad, baked beans and corn. Dad barbecued ribs. I actually scored a couple bites (without the sauce) and they were really good.

After cleaning up Mom and I hibernated in her office and studio (a new thing this week.) I slept while she tried to find a surface that was free of beads, wire, tools, baskets and stacked paper, files and magazines. When I woke up she was still searching, so I guess she didn’t find any. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Now, don’t get we wrong or anything, but do you see anything wrong with the concept of putting cases with thousands of beads within a paws reach of such an angelic pup like me? I can think of thousands, can’t you? Geez, and to think,  I’m still hearing about the three out of print books I chewed the corners off of last summer.

I’m off to the covers now.


ps. Happy belated birthday Tiffany!


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