Happy Fathers Day

dad and meWoozers, this is my second Fathers Day celebration with my dad.  Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! I’m so pawcited about it. I’m not sure what we will do.  But it has to be something special because he is always helping Mom and me so much. Unfortunately, I’m not always the most gracious pup on earth. I’m thinking a gift card to one of his favorite stores would be just the thing. Oh geeze, that means getting Mom’s credit card out of her Filofax again. That is so hard to do with my paws. I don’t know why she can’t just tie it around my neck to make things easier. Just think of the money I would save her (yeah, right.)

It will most likely be something simple like sitting on the large deck watching squirrels and kicking back a brewskie or two (okay, maybe just a lick or two.) There are so many places to sit around here, it’s hard to decide. I can say one thing about Mom and Dad – they love having their sitting arrangements, inside and out. I wonder if other homes have as many as we do? Mom once said she was afraid to leave home for fear that Dad would would redesign another room or two, while she was gone.

I’m sure we will eventually move to the park bench in the back yard, so I can show off my many talents like, running full steam ahead, chasing things I don’t really see, jumping into all the bushes, pouncing on the critters in the grass and of course digging a hole or two. I love digging holes.

PrincessMy sister Princess will join in on the fun. The weather man said it would be in the upper 90’s tomorrow, so maybe I will get to try out my new pool. Yes, Dad finally retired the galvanized wash tub and bought me a fancy pool – with painted fish on the bottom of it. It’s big enough for me, but Princess will need to use it for a wadding pool. I’m sure Mom will have the ever ready camera or iPad in her hand to record the whole afternoon.

Since Dad does all the cooking around here I asked Mom if she was going to cook or make reservations. She said neither one. She is going to cook a few things (911 is what I dial in case of fire – right?) and order carry out fried chicken.

Yeah, that means a family picnic that will include Princess and me! I love it when they do things like that and stay home so we can celebrate with them. Gee, I wonder what Mom is going to cook? After the smoke clears, I will let you know.

Happy fathers day everyone. I hope you and your fathers have a safe and great fathers day. Let me know how you are spending your day.

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One thought on “Happy Fathers Day

  1. Judy Scuderi

    Hi Titan,

    It sounds like you will have a great day. I wish Polar and I could be there to join in the fun!

    Auntie J,


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