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I Am a Little Bit Concerned and Jealous

Taz- Warner Brothers & Looney TunesOkay, I admit, I am a little bit concerned and jealous. My first alter-ego is about to come out in fighting mode.  For the past two years and two months I have been the top dog around here. That means 24/7 attention and affection, except when we are sleeping or Mom is away from the house.

Last week things changed drastically. In fact, I haven’t seen much of her even though she is here. She has been holed up in the library/file area of her office. Sure, I can run back there and stand in front of her with my sad-woo-is-me look and she will stop pitching papers and files to pick me up for a few minutes.

Of course that is the same library/file area where those out-of-print books live and I don’t like spending much time there, hence she remembers my faupaw. Seriously, how is a pup suppose to know such things?

I have my masterpiece poor puppy look (I mastered that one the first week I was here and it works every time) that will stop her in her tracks instantly. Then she will turn off the lights, move to another room and it is “all about me-Titan time.”

What I’m not understanding is where the need to throw out files with a vengeance and where her burst of energy came from.  I’ve listened to enough soap operas to know that kind of behavior usually means a huge change is coming soon, if you get my drift. But that can’t be right in this case, she is never out and about long enough and too even notice that kind of change coming straight at her. So it must be the Continue reading

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