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Sir Titan Wants To Know What Did I Do Wrong

favacon-TitanSir Titan Wants To Know, What Did I Do Wrong?  I realize I have outgrown my three pound ball of fur stage and some of the cuteness has worn off. According to Mom, that also happens in real life. As that woman says on Project Runway, “one day you are in and the next day you are out.”  Well today I am OUT! I was removed from a Facebook group today. I guess I should have my fur knickers  in a knot, a growl on my face and be as upset and mad as Mom is. However that is kind of hard to do since I didn’t even know I was “in” to begin with. The question is, what did I do wrong?

But let me tell you, Mom has definitely got her knickers in a double knot. It was bad enough early this afternoon when she decided to be a domestic goddess and bake an apple pie, only to be shot down once again by the all knowing master chef of the household. You know, after her zillion and one attempts being shot down over and over again, you would think she would learn to stop making them. I’m not a psychologist or anything remotely close, but I do know enough to walk away with my tail between my legs and curl up in corner when my value is not appreciated or I’m not respected. Of course, I can lay in that corner with a smile on my face because I have a few tricks tucked away in my arsenal of “I’ll get even with you buddy.”  And yes, I will be pulling a few of those out tonight.  Since he is darn near deft and blind, he just can’t hear or see it coming anymore. Sometimes it’s just way too easy.

As if Mom wasn’t hurting enough, she picked up a Messenger notice that came through on her iPad after the apple pie drama happen. The look on her face said it all. My first thought was that they had discontinued the Hostess* Orange Cupcakes again. Then all of a sudden she was crying and typing away, nonstop. At that point, I could tell by the pressure of her fingertips on the keyboard letters that she was giving them the simple facts of the situation.

Afterwards, Mom and I snuggled in on the sofa so I could dry her tears with my fur and she could explain to me what had happen. It was a continuation of the 42 year war of family. For all those 42 years Mom has kept quiet out of  respect to one member of said family.  Last week, the need to do that ended. So when the Facebook removal notice came through, it was stand up for Sir Titan time.

I didn’t understand that being removed from a group would give the impression I had done something wrong and against Facebook’s Terms Of Service, therefore being a black eye punch against my business account. That’a not a good thing since Facebook will most likely freeze my page and account, not that the person delivering the punch will care.

Truthfully, I haven’t worked on that page and built the business I originally envisioned. However, Mom and I have been working on getting my website in tip-paw shape the last few weeks, so this mean-spirited removal could not have happen at a worse time.

I say its time for a dog fight (or in this case, a cat fight), but Mom says “un-knot that fur and thinking young man. Fights provide instant gravitation and there will be none of that dished out from here”. Okay mom, but I hate it when you are logical.

So now it will be a dog-sit-and-wait few weeks to see what Facebook will be doing about it. Tonight I will be sitting on Mon’s desk watching her remove herself from everything remotely or closely associated with these people.

brown_paw_printYou know, when it comes to family, I think the animal world has it well figured out. We are born, taken care of for a few weeks then given away. If we are really lucky we are placed with a family that loves one another and welcomes us unconditionally. When we arrive we give the family a piece of our heart. When we die, we take a piece of their heart with us.


*Hostess is a registered trademark.

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