Canine Body Language – What Dog’s Are Saying

dog with blinking eyesOkay, admit it – you want to know what we are thinking and saying to you by our canine body language. Well trust me, we have a lot to say.

Now  most of you already know I have issues about my tail, or should I say lack of one. We think it was a litter mix up thing, Maltese & Poodle or just Poodle, who can tell the difference when your are part of two litters born the same day, at the same time and in the middle of an F4 tornado. I will be telling you more about that day in my upcoming book, Siri’s Spring ~ Sir Titan’s Summer.

Back to tails. Most people will look to see if our tails are wagging before making a move toward us, especially with their hand out.  Granted, a wagging tail is often a great indicator of a dog’s mood – but not always. In fact, tail wagging has a lot of different meanings besides happiness. We can show you lots of different moods and emotions with our tails.

A fast wagging tail, lowered, with our head down means we are being submissive and ready to play, especially if you are eye to eye with us. We recognize you as the leader of the pack in our household and understand that you rule (well most of the time). Don’t worry, that won’t last for long before we try to regain control, so enjoy it while we are giving it to you.

When our tails are up, wagging is big broad wags (right – like anybody could tell that was happening on this dog) and our mouths are open with our tongues are lolling a bit means we are extremely relaxed, happy and ready to for some serious petting. In other words, its time for one of those never ending belly-rubs, especially if we are on our back with all fours in the air.

When we are confused about a situation, we will wag our tails slowly. We may also just stand there and yawn a couple of time. Believe me, we are not yawning because we are sleepy or tired. We are thinking. You see it is like this, if we yawn, it immediately sets your mind to thinking about how tired or sleepy we must be. That in turn gives us extra time to think about the situation we may be in and what to do about it.

When we are excited, we wag our tails very fast. If our hips move along with our tails we are really excited and we are expecting a treat. Of course, when it comes to excitement, being overly cute and knowing how to play you for everything you are worth (gee, wonder who would do such a thing?) we may even add jumping around in circles to the mix. So of course, that means that great little “doggie” voice you have saying how cute we are, lots of petting on the head, a treat and for good measure, a loving pick up and hug.

Now, if only we could figure out what you were saying with your body language. I’ve got the one hand on the hip and finger pointed towards the door as meaning “outside, like it or not.” A scrunched up nose usually means we may be a bit wiffy (your fault – you are the one that feeds us.) Oh, and a hand waving toward you means that your last dog lost their hearing and now we have to learn sign language (okay, I’ll give you this one – it never hurts to start young so we will understand you when we are older.)


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