Henryville-4-30725978My world started with being born on March 2, 2012 during an intense thunder and lightning storm that produced an F4 tornado in Henryville, Indiana. My breeder had two mommy doggies go into labor at the same time that morning. Things seemed to be moving slow, so to be safe (the operative word here) she decided to take us from Corydon to Henryville where our veterinarian is (was) located. Late in the afternoon two dogs had turned into ten and counting. It seems my personally was already taking shape and I was being reluctant (okay, stubborn) about coming out into the world. All it took was one very loud clap of thunder and what sounded like the roof coming and out I came. The rest is chaotic history.

All of a sudden everyone started yelling and the crates were quickly yet  gently as possible carried and handed down some steep steps into a cool and damp feeling room. Blankets and tarps were thrown over our crates and the last thing I remember was being handed off to several different people before being put (gently tossed would be better words) into a crate. Thank goodness puppies are born with their eyes shut and limited senses. The yelling continued for several minutes and there was great concern with being able to hold onto the strap of the overhead door. I may have been just minutes old, but I do know that door was the only thing between us and the tornado overhead.

The instant quiet was deafening. When the door was released and opened, nothing was there – just the office foundation slab and the stairs leading to where we were.  Everyone was alive and accounted for, even all the puppies and Mommy doggies. Some were displaced an battered up a bit, but world now had six new Poodles and five Maltipoos that would share their puppy unconditional love, behavior and humor in the weeks to come. After the storms were over someone came to pick us up (our car was gone) and it was back to our home in Corydon. For the next few weeks it would be a world of wet newspaper and siblings crawling all over each other. Oh and by the way, yes I currently own several different sizes of Thunder Jackets and there is no need for a weather radio when I am around. I can sniff out a storm ten miles away.

After settling in for some serious nourishment and snuggling our Mommy doggie told us later on that we were all very special puppies to have survived such a horrific event. Each of us had been given a very special role in life and would find out what it was we went to our forever homes in the months ahead.

Around the same time my future forever Mom’s world was struck by something like a lightning bolt. She was driving home from a shopping trip for an upcoming trip when the headache hit her out of nowhere and tons of other things were happening at the same time (I think they were called symptoms or something like that.) She made it home and fell into bed. When my forever Dad and their fur child Happy got home, they found her unresponsive. After two days in the hospital she returned home but it was a home she barely knew.

DSC00008In fact, her whole world was vague. She didn’t know much of anything except for the strong connection between herself and Happy.

Forever Dad closed her retail store and her online business sat in limbo.  A week later she had another stroke and her world truly turned upside down. Being self-employed she had no health insurance that would provide support services or help of any kind. If she was to recover it was going to be up to her find a way.

Unfortunately, Happy became extremely ill and the outlook was not good. They both just gave up the fight and snuggled 24/7 making each other comfortable as possible until the end came for Happy.

My Mommy doggie woke me up bright and early. She said we had to talk before the girls woke up (try being the only boy in a litter with four girls.) “Today is your day little one, you are going to meet your forever parents and find your forever home. So let’s get you some breakfast and cleaned up.” Oh wow, my forever’s are coming. But Mommy, what about you and the girls, who will take care of you? Oh, and how will I know for sure I will be good enough for them? What if they don’t like me? If they are coming for a Maltipoo, my hair and lack of a long tail could be a huge deal breaker.

clayakinhair“Calm down little one, the girls and I will be just fine. Remember when I told you that you were a very special puppy and your role in life had been predetermined? Well your role starts today and you will know what it is the minute you snuggle against your forever mom’s face. You picked them, they didn’t pick you, so you have nothing to worry about. As for the Maltipoo hair and tail thing, it will not be a deal breaker. They will understand as you grow older and they will love you unconditionally”

Mom4julyoutfitmy Dogie was correct, the minute I tasted the tears on Mon’s face I knew what my role in life would be – a super hero puppy to pull her from the edge of darkness. I have taken that role very seriously and it seems to be working.




dad and meWell I can say that things have worked out pretty well, except for that list of issues spread throughout the posts on this website.  Mom and I grow closer with each passing moment. Dad has adjusted and puts up with a lot, even me looking over his shoulder.

Mom’s health has improved a lot, which Dad says is thanks to me. What more could I want? Oh yeah, 15 plus more years to continue to work my magic.

I hope Mommy Doggie is proud of me.


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